Rick had no problem finding work; he was dynamic personable and interviewed well. However, he never lasted more than two weeks on a job site. When an employment counsellor explored with Rick why he was let go after two weeks he stated that as soon as he was expected to complete any forms he just walked away from the job. Rick was illiterate so could not read or write to complete new employee information forms, time sheets etc.

Rick had just obtained a new job he loved and did not want to walk away again this time. An employment counsellor worked with him to develop a comfort level around asking for literacy support on the job. He met with the employer and discussed his lack of literacy skills and the employer modified the worksite and expectations of Rick.

His co-worker agreed to complete his timesheets daily and the employer took the verbal information from Rick to complete the employment forms. The employer even modified the worksite to meet Rick’s needs by putting picture symbols on the bins to identify what was located in each.

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