Welcome To Career Development Services (CDS)

Since 1989, CDS has supported individuals with significant barriers in the Greater Trail communities to find employment that respects their abilities and interests.
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What We Do At CDS

CDS Social Enterprise Businesses

CDS Businesses

CDS has developed a number of our own businesses called Social Enterprises, to provide pre-employment training to individuals who want some work experience before applying for a job.
CDS Programs

CDS Programs

CDS offers a wide range of services and programs to individuals with diverse needs and abilities within the Greater Trail region. CDS began as an agency offering employment supports to today where we offer a wide range of programming. Our programs are tailored to meet the individuals needs and are constantly evolving to make sure they are current and relevant.
CDS Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Our success and that of the people we support depends on valuable working relationships with other service providers and stakeholders within our entire region. CDS values a strong collaborative approach to providing services and knows that engaging with the community is key to our success.

Thank You to the CDS Core Funders

Trail Community Skills Centre
Community Living BC
Work BC
Homelessness Partnering Strategy Canada

CDS Success Stories

“I give CDS 2 thumbs up! I had lived my whole life wondering about FASD, I had so many questions but no answers. Within a year of moving to Trail and finding CDS, I was on a plane to Vancouver to be tested for FASD. CDS brought me to Vancouver and helped me through the entire process. I now have the answers I have been waiting for my entire life. CDS is helping me find a more affordable place to live and I am getting an Outreach Worker to help me with all my other struggles. I don’t know if I can ever repay them for all the help they gave me.”
(male, 34yrs old)

Client, Getting To Home Program

“I moved out on my own for the first time, CDS helped me find the place, furnish it and learn how to pay for it all. They gave me a job at the Thrifty Treasures Thrift Store so I could afford a nicer place that was close to my parent’s house. I was scared at first that I couldn’t do it on my own, but CDS taught me how and are always there when I need them. I feel more confident and independent and know now I can do it on my own.”
(female, 21yrs old)

Client, Getting To Home Program

“CDS is good if you need help! They took a lot of stress out of my life by helping me find a place to live and quickly. They also gave me furniture and other stuff so my house wasn’t so bare. After they helped me find a house, I got a CDS Outreach Worker who helped me get new glasses so I could see again! I had a toothache for months and my worker helped me get the tooth pulled and even got me a discount on the bill! I am now budgeting for rent and groceries so I am not scared anymore that I am going to lose my place to live!”
(male, 40yrs old)

Client, Getting To Home Program

“I was moving out on my own for the first time in my life and I was scared. CDS found me a nice affordable place to live and gave me furniture and other stuff for my house. My Outreach Worker has been helping me for the past 3+ years to keep my house.”
(male, 25yrs old)

Client, Getting To Home Program

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