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About Career Development Services (CDS)

Career Development Services (CDS) is an agency governed by the Trail Association for Community Living, a non-profit charitable organization founded in 1951.

One Community … Creating Opportunity

More Information About CDS

Our Vision: A progressive organization committed to providing quality services to individuals with diverse needs.

Our Mission: Taking Down Walls!

Since 1989, CDS staff have been providing support to individuals with significant barriers living within the Greater Trail communities. CDS started out by providing employment supports that respected the individual’s abilities and interests working strictly to provide these supports to those meeting the Community Living BC eligibility criteria.

CDS Management Team
CDS Employees Fundraising
Today CDS has grown to over 50 employees and offers the following programs and services:

  • Getting to Home: Addressing Homelessness in Greater Trail program (GTH);
  • Customized/Supported Employment Programs;
  • 1:1 Outreach & Community Inclusion support services;
  • La Nina Extreme Cold Weather Shelter;
  • Operation and Management of 5 Social Enterprise Businesses:
    • Thrifty Treasures Thrift Store;
    • CDS Property Maintenance Contracts;
    • GYRO & Haley Park concession stands;
    • CDS Outdoor Landscaping/Snow Removal Crew.

What We Do At CDS

Employment Program

CDS provides employment supports through a variety of different contracts that all have one common goal – to assist individuals with varying abilities to reach their identified employment goals that build on their unique skills and abilities. CDS offers a wider range of services both to individuals who meet the criteria for services through Community Living BC as well as those with any type of barrier to employment.

CDS is a contractor with Community Living BC to provide Supported/Customized employment services.

CDS Employment Program at Liberty
Getting to Home Program Clean Up

Getting to Home Homeless Program

In the context of delivering employment services CDS recognizes that a huge factor in individuals being able to maintain their employment is the fact that many are struggling with housing issues. In 2012 CDS worked on a partnership with the Trail Skills Centre to develop a program called “Getting to Home: Addressing Homelessness in Greater Trail (GTH)” which allowed CDS to dedicate staff and resources to this specific issue. The initial funding received was through the Homeless Partnering Strategy this funding provided the development and inauguration of the program.

Now in its 6th year, the GTH program continues to grow with funding from sources, such as the Homeless Partnering Strategy, local municipal governments, Teck, United Way and the Columbia Basin Trust. CDS receives no ongoing core funding for this program and therefore CDS is looking at developing partnerships and sustainable funding opportunities to ensure the success of this program moving forward.

La Nina Cold Weather Shelter

In addition to the Getting to Home Program, CDS has operated the seasonal La Nina Cold Weather Shelter in Trail since 2012 from 9:00 pm to 8:00 am from November through March. This season CDS has negotiated a contract to operate the shelter providing supports to individuals that are homeless as a 24 hour a day, 7 days per week shelter from November through March.

Each morning the GTH housing facilitator meets with shelter guests to develop a housing needs plan and assist them to identify the supports they will require to be successful in reaching their housing goals.

La Nina Cold Weather Shelter Back Door
Outreach and Community Inclusion Individualized Support Program

Outreach & Community Inclusion Individualized Support

Currently CDS is contracted with Community Living BC to provide around 400 hours per week of 1:1 outreach/community inclusion services to individuals with complex needs living independently in the community. This includes individuals that have a medical diagnosis of FASD, Developmental Disability and/or Autism and experience deficits in their adaptive functioning skills may meet the criteria for support.

Individuals supported within this program often struggle with maintaining their housing as well as employment in the community. They require very unique and specific supports in order to complete daily living tasks and also to be safe in their community as they are at a high risk of being taken advantage of financially, physically and emotionally.

Within our outreach program CDS provides a variety of groups to assist individuals to build their skills while also having the opportunity to socialize with their peers.

Trail Youth Centre

The Trail Youth Centre is a safe, inclusive space for all youth ages 13-18. The center is open Tuesday through Thursday, 3.30-8.30pm in all four seasons. You can swing by for a snack, a game of foosball or pool, get job and resume help, enjoy a friendly chat with a youth worker, and much more.

Trail Youth Centre

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